Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sewing Rolls and the World Wide Web

I'm still having trouble connecting, but early on a Saturday morning is a good time to squeak into a network, even if my connection is a trickle.  I've missed blogging and reading blogs this week!  I did get some sewing done, and here is a bit of it.  These are for the Zakka Style Sew-Along!

Green Zakka Style Sewing Roll

Green Zakka Style Sewing roll, open

This week's host was Katy of I'm a Ginger Monkey.  She showed us her versions of the Zakka Sewing Roll, really fantastic grey and bright coral kits.

I made the stamps for these with potato stamps and acrylic paint, and went back in a painted over some areas to add some detail and a bit more color.  For the next one I make I'll make the pocket a little higher to accommodate my special seam ripper!  I think I'd also choose a thinner batting, to tone down the pouf factor.

Do you see the little hearts on the inside of the key?  I liked making this stamp.

With the slow connection, Lindsey from LR Stitches linked me up to her group page.  Thanks Lindsey!


  1. Love the green linen and the little dots on the trim! Potato stamp with acrylic paint - BRILLIANT idea!! Your sewing kit is really lovely.

  2. oh my gosh, the stamps are totally brilliant! How cute is the key!


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