Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pom Pom Payback

When I was a kid, I once carefully pulled each and every pom pom off my grandmother's kitchen curtains.
Now, I have my own supply.  I used some on a little banner I made for our soon to be new kitchen. With a little guilt, I added pom poms, because they seemed only fitting.  I am sure my grandmother would have approved.  Besides, she loved pom poms and blue gingham too!

I think they look like little summer lanterns!

For this project, I used some of my stash of crocheted hotpads from a flea market here in middle Sweden.  I like how ladies in different parts of the world might make the same things for their kitchens, but just a little differently.  I've never seen one quite like the one on the bottom.  

I didn't want them to languish in the shop, getting dusty and cramped in their root-around box.  I brought them home, and the Feather Your Nest project gave me just the push to come up with a showcase for them.

I have strip pieced and slashed and stacked the polka dot background.  I think it would have looked just as nice as a whole piece, but I wanted to practice the technique for another project I have in mind. I thought it would add texture, but probally the quilting takes care of that quite enough.  I also wanted to see just how off it looks, in case I use polka dots for paper piecing sometime.  I'm still learning, and i learn by trying and seeing for myself for a lot of things.  I'm pretty happy with the quirks.

I wanted a homespun feel, not too fussy, but embellished just enough.  I think the hand sewing worked well for that, and my pom poms add a little personality.  It's like having my grandmother in my kitchen.


My next entry is a covered bandaid box, that I added to the Zakka Style Sewing Kit I made last week.
I like the color, and the box itself is excellent for re-use.  Perfect size for needles.  I peeled off the labels with no trouble and made a little practice patchwork of the scraps from the sewing roll.  That way, the needle case will always be a marker for when I made it, even if it migrates to other sewing kits.  I wasn't to worried about piecing perfectly, only having good practice and making sure it covered the front of the case.

I attached it by double gluing Mod Podge to both the case itself, and the patchwork.  Then, I added another layer with a brush after it all dried.  It hold better than I thought it would, and the fabric is still soft to the touch, but still seems resistant to pulling or staining.  Time will tell.

Here it is with the sewing roll!

I entered both of these projects in the Feather Your Nest Sew Along, over at Stumbles and Stitches.

Great fun, and a super way to use up your stash in new ways.

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  1. I am late reading my blogs, and almost missed this! Inquiring minds want to know, since both grandmothers are blue,and aqua lovers, which is the pop pom grandmother?


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