Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quiet and Sunny, Quilting for Kids

Yesterday I linked up with Jenna's Manic Monday linky party, and I looked around at the other links. I found a new one by Sarah from So Sarah Sews, for the Quilts for Kids Group.  They are collecting blocks for  foster kids, and the block is really simple.  Just a box in a box, with the colors they listed on the Flickr group, as gender neutral as possible.  As many or few boxes as you like, so long as the block is 12 1/2 inches square.  I made one up during the afternoon and another one this morning. I'm going to link one of them back to Sew Happy Geek and see if some others will join!  I think it's fun to make the prescribed blocks and flex the design and color skills!

Here's the one from this morning:  

And the fabric I found in my stash that started it all today:

I don't know if you can see the cat supervisor, but luckily I had cut the square Before he lay there next to it!


  1. I am going to check on these blocks! Betcha I could do a couple and send them in...and the color play is always fun.

  2. Love the quilt from this morning what a great fabric you have and the toile fabric as the second round looks even more beautiful, what a great use of the toile there....

  3. actually the toile is the 3rd round I had to go look again! sorry the blue is the second round!


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