Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quilt to Chew On

I've been following the Zakka Sew Along, and I started the Zakka Style quilt.  I'm also moving, so I can't spend the kind of time I'd like to on this. It's a good quilt for a beginner though.  The instructions are clear, and I think the pattern is more than a little spiffy.  There's plenty of room for interpretation.

I'm going to have to pack it in, if we're ever going to get going to our new place. I would love to just go over to the sewing table and sew a little during breaks, like doing a crossword puzzle to wind down for the night.  But I know that's not going to happen!  So I have to pack it down, and chew on how I want to quilt it when we get to the other place. It won't take too long I hope!

Here's how far I got!  You'll recognize some of the SMS Giveaway fabrics in there:

My camera is already at the other place. Not the crispest of pics, this one, but you can see the hedgies, can't you?

I wasn't that thrilled with using natural linen, colorwise, but I do like how the colors shine against it.  I'm planning on using this quilt on our new back porch for chilly evenings, so it's just as well it's beige instead of white, or purple!  Not sure if I'll keep the backing I started but if I do, I can call the quilt  Gående Bord for one of the vignettes on the white kitchen fabric.  Gående Bord means a buffet table or smörgåsbord, in Swedish.  Literally, it's Walking Table! I plan to drag this quilt (with its pictures of tables in it) all over the place, so maybe I can keep that name!


  1. Very cute! I have been thinking of doing something with the Zakka sew along too - everything I have seen so far has be really great.

  2. Just found your blog. My husband has 12 cousins in Sweden and one is coming to visit in August. Can you tell me the name of a quilter there who quilts quilts? You know, using the big quilting machines?


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