Friday, May 18, 2012

Sewing While Distracted

Sometimes there's no getting around feeling distracted when you're trying to finish something.  The T.V. might be on, you're having a conversation that gets really interesting, you get up to answer the phone.  It can be hard to remember where you left off.

That's what happened to me while I was sewing this week's Zakka Sew Along Project, the Raincloud Mug Rug.  It turned out quite different from the way I envisioned it, and I can't help but think I pushed on when I should have taken a break.   By the time I was halfway through embroidering, I was imagining how I Should have done it, and what I could do next time.  Maybe there's something to be said for being dissatisfied, because that feeling can lead to  more interesting solutions for a project.  I didn't stop, because I've vowed to do my best, but not let trying to be perfect take the fun out of my sewing.  And I'm glad I did, because it was fun, and I learned a little.  It's also worthwhile to finish a project, so you can muse on it and how you might do it differently.  So I like this one just the way it is, in all its humble cheer, But I'll like another one too.

Here are a few pictures, taken inside without daylight. I promise I'll update these when I can get some good light! **Update:  new pics now added :)

So much to learn still, about everything!  I'm going to make another version that I'll post soon.
I used Sulky thread for the embroidery and I thought it was great fun. I stitched the pattern instead of drawing and stitching.  I might choose to draw my own next time.  It's a fun pattern, with plenty of room for interpretation.  I'm not going to use mine as a mug rug though.  I think it would fit better as a small table topper, perhaps for book beside the bed.

If you want to join in, go on over to Quilt Dad and check out his version, and check the Flick pool too!

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  1. Such a pretty cloud - like a sunset. The little star is so sweet, too!


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