Friday, May 25, 2012

Swaps and a lucky lady! Part One

Wow!  This week I received two amazing swaps-- quilty bookends to a hectic week!

First, I received a lovely mug rug from Jennie in Northumberland!  We both participated in Mumma Sews mug swap, and I'd say we both had a great time!  It's so nice to meet through blogland, and it's so fabulous to see how another person sews.  I for one am always fascinated!

Here's what Jennie sent me:

Isn't it sweet?  It is her own design, and she even looked up how to say coffee break in Swedish-- Fika!
That comes from kaffe, which is coffee, being said backwards as a kind of slang that stuck.  Ska vi fika?  Wanna take a coffee break?  I sure do!   I could have some of that nice chocolate she sent with!

This little jewel is so sweet, I can't imagine putting a coffee mug anywhere on it!  Well, maybe a tiny esspresso, in the corner with those lovely postage stamp scraps.  Thanks Jenny!  I love it!  I think it's wonderful that you used such bright summery colors!  And the detail of the embroidery is so tidy and so cheery, it makes me smile when I see it  : )

Here's what I sent Jennie:

I made the design myself as well, using a little hedgie for a pocket, and some of my favorite dyed linen!  I wrestled with the binding, and after I mailed it, I got the Eureka moment that I really should have done a single fold binding instead of a double fold.  Live and learn!

Isn't it neat that we used such similar color schemes?  They almost go together! And here I was afraid if I used orange, her eyes would blast off!  The yarn on the green stripe actually has polka dots!  I don't quite know how they did it, but it seems the yarn itself was crocheted, kind of like the pull string on a potato bag, if you can imagine that.

I also sent a special Swedish painted dishcloth (a thin square sponge) with triangles that look like quilt blocks, and perhaps a springy blue flowered one too, but I can't remember if that made it into the mailer.

Thanks Jennie!  I'd swap again with you anytime!  I'm such a lucky lady : )

Part Two is the next post !


  1. I LOVE both of them! You both did such a beautiful job on the mug rugs.

  2. Aaaaah - a painted dishcloth - I wondered what it was!!!! But I think it's too cute to use for dishes! Thanks for a great swap!


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