Friday, May 25, 2012

Swaps Part Two: Doll Quilts!

I am taking part in what seems to be a yearlong swap with a new group called the Doll Quilters Monthly.  Every month, we follow a theme (if the pairs agree to) and get a new swap partner. This month, I got Patty Hall, and she got me!

I received the most beautiful little doll quilt from Patty, complete with a little handbag pincushion that I suspect is filled with walnut shells, which they say helps keep your needles sharp.  It must be true, because the hand quilting Patty did is just the sweetest, so tiny and so precise, and it gives and overall homey look to the lovely quilt she sent me!

It's got buttons!


I'm just speechless.  Such craftmanship, precision, lilting colors; the quilt is just really beautiful!  Even the backing is beautifully chosen.  And the binding and sashing is the sweetest, dreamiest floral.  It's really quite lovely!


THANKS PATTY!!  I so appreciate the thought and care and fun you put into this sweet little bowler hat quilt!  Buttons, bands, Heavenly!

Here's one more peek of the one I sent Patty:

I think the swapping itself might be as fun as creating the item for the swap.  I know I have no where near as much experience as Patty with quilting, or Jennie either, from Mumma Sews Mug Rug Swap.   But I put as much care and thought as I could for each creation, and the rest is just to swap and see what happens.


  1. That is just precious! I love all of the beautiful detail and the little pin cushion is fabulous too.

  2. those are both beautiful love the fabric in the quilt that she sent you


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