Monday, May 14, 2012

Teeny Tiny Itty Bitties

I have a cat I call Teeny Tiny, but these Zakka style magnets are tinier! I had to do them twice because I started out making my seams 1/8 of an inch, instead of starting with a quarter inch and trimming down.  
I love the colors, and I love the finished result!  I could call them charming, or wonky, but they are still just a little off, seamwise.  I'm still learning!  I'm going to have to put tape on my seam guide plate, for starters.  Wear my reading glasses, for seconds.  Make sure I have light, and look, look, look again!

Here's another picture:

I left the guy in the center larger because I wanted those nine patches to be all the same size.
I thought it was tricky to turn them right side out, and I had a time sewing them shut, as the linen kept unraveling.  They're really on the edge of my threshold for tinyness, but aren't they sweet?

I used some moda scraps called Cherries Jubilee, as well as some Kaffe Fasset and Heather Bailey (I think.)  The fridge words are in Swedish and they say stuff like "enjoy/nuance/snow/sun/shadow/whisper/surprised/soft/laugh...."
Just the fun stuff to put on the outside of the fridge next to the grocery list!

I'm done with my mug rug swap, but I can't show it yet.  The doll quilt is almost done too!

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  1. These are cute -- SO tiny! Love the stitches...

  2. Those look amazing!! I've been thinking about making some of these, but I hadn't gotten into the the "doing" phase yet. Maybe I need to hurry up & make some. :)

  3. I Love those but so small and hard to did a wonderful job!


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