Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Doll Quilts Monthly

Hi All!  I've been absent without leave for too long!  But, after moving, and summering and colding and gardening and childwatching, I've been busy sewing up mini quilts for the Doll Quilts Monthly swaps.  I can only show a few peeks of mine, because they haven't arrived at the other side yet.

Here is a peek of the one I sent to Trish, with the Patriotic theme.  This was JULY's quilt, but I couldn't muster it until now.

Oh, I can't wait to show it, since it took weeks of my life to get up the nerve to make it!  And understand how to do it.  It was a real labor of love.  I really stretched my technical skills for this one.  I am pleased with it, and very glad I learned what I did in terms of sewing-growing.  However, I think I might have to upgrade to a sewing machine with a free motion foot!  Nuff said about that.

*  *  *

The next quilty peek is for the Sunny and Warm theme I sent to Sher.

This was for August.  I had a blast making this one too.  I enjoyed using different textures of fabric, and just going at it with color!  It is getting dark and grey here, after the rainy summer (non-summer) we just had.  It was a tonic to work on an intuitive piece.  Can't say much more, except that the original pattern that I used as a jump off point is from a magazine from 1993!  I loved the pattern so much, my mom sent me an extra copy of the issue when I thought I had lost it forever during a move.  Thanks Ma!


Next entry is about what I Received from the Doll Quilters Monthly!

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