Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Doll Quilts Received

I am taking part in the mini swap arranged by Barbara over at Cat Patches, Doll Quilters Monthly!

It is a fabulous growing group of very talented and inventive quilters, and I feel honored to be in their company.  Every month, we swap doll quilts, or miniatures, with our assigned swap mates.  There are suggested themes, such as "Warm and Sunny," "Harvest Time,"  and more. I like the themes as a little structure for my creativity, but you can always work out it out with your partner if you have a different mini-quilt in mind.  I love learning from the different quilters, seeing their styles and approaches.  Some of us are new quilters, and some are well seasoned, but everyone has a good time and it is a really supportive group.  We are taking new members all the time, if you want to join in!
I'll be honest, I got behind for all quilting this summer after moving, and the usual summer obligations.  But when I got back to sewing, on of the first things I did was catch up on my swap sewing.  And my swap mates did too!
Here is what I received last week from Trish, for the Patriotic theme!

It's a Texas Star.  I don't think you can see how soft it is, but it Is really soft.  I love the bright reds! Can you see the embroidery in the corners?  I think it looks like Fireworks spinning out.

I love it and it's already sitting on my Red shelf, with the dolly she sent with as well.


I also received a swap quilt from Sher, that arrived last week.  I was just blown  away by how well it happens to match the colors of our house and garden.  I love it!  It is so crisp and precise, and expertly quilted, and very nice and sunny :D  I also really like the self binding backing.  I learn something with each one of the doll quilt swaps.

Both of these are heartmade and handmade!


  1. What a nice shout out for our group. Both quilts are adorable. Lucky you!

    1. Thanks Barbara! The more the merrier, I really do love this little group! (I tried to reply to your mail, but my phone swallowed it up after leaving it hanging in the outbox for a day. Humph!)


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