Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tools and Patterns and Giveaway Links

Do you ever think about doing more than quilting?  I mean, don't you find that once you open one creative avenue, more streets and side streets appear?  I'm a painter and collage artist, but I've taken a long detour into quilting. I find that the fabric palette is very inspiring to my design sense, and my sense of balance and color is very well suited to quilts.  Even though I haven't made that many yet!  It just feels right to me, and I keep trucking ahead.

I love to see what others are up to in Blogland, and I'll admit, sometimes I live a little vicariously from their successes and breakthroughs.  Some of the bloggers I follow have published projects they came up with, or broken the  1000, or 2000! followers mark.  Some have embarked on fabric design, and some have started teaching quilting classes.  They visit fabric expos, they go to quilting "meets."  They organize blog hops and they gather sponsors.  I love to see what they are up to, and I feel confident that even if I don't have the same kinds of successes, I'm continuing to grow, just as they are!  It gives me a real boost to see the myriad of ways quilters can create, and develop, and transform themselves along the way.  It's not static!  Even when we sit at the worktable, seemingly cutting a little here and arranging there, something is moving.  A quilt emerges, a new design is uncovered, and sometimes a side path show up as well.

All by Me, Swedish Scrapper

One of the bloggers I have been following for a while is Jenny of Sew Kind of Wonderful.  She is a long arm quilter, who came up with a very cool ruler, the Quick Curve Ruler

 It's Still on my wishlist! Why do I save the best things for last?  People are making fantastic quilts with those curves, and now, even Jenny's sis, Helen, of  HGMR Deco Quilting has gotten in on it.  She's come up with 5 new quilt designs using her sisters ruler-- how cool is that?  

And she has launched a new website to showcase them.  AND, she is having a giveaway of her patterns!  I have no trouble spreading this along, cause I'm all for collaborative success.  Not only that, Jenny is giving away two Quick Curve Rulers on her blog, so click here and
here to see for yourself and enter Jenny's and Helen's giveaways!  I know I will, and I'm going to bask in the creativity too!


  1. Loved this post - very thought-provoking!

  2. i like her turmbler deco quilt pattern

  3. I love what you said here, Lizzie! It's so true that we're all growing and learning at our pace, and success is going to look different for each one of us. What I love about this community is how we can celebrate all of our successes together!


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