Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back in time, Summer Doll Quilt

Here's a another doll quilt I finished in September.  It was for the August swap, but I got a little bogged down finishing it.   Eek!  I didn't get it into the mail until September!  In the meantime there have been breaks, and flus, and what all somehow getting in the way of posting.  But here it is!

I used quilters cotton and Swedish linen with a fairly rough weave for this Doll Quilters Monthly swap quilt. I quilted it with a variegated sulky thread.  The theme was Sunny and Warm.  We had rain, rain, and more rain this summer, so I am sure I was affected enough to make some cloudy skies behind those tents!  I called it "Sensommar" in Swedish-- "Late Summer."   I was aiming to show the colors at their peak, just after a rainstorm and when the flowers are at their best.  I think it worked out pretty well.

Honestly, my quilting and my piecing were really off in some places!  I wish my technique could catch up to my ideas, but I know we all improve with time and effort.  It'll come, as my sis always says to me!

Here it is outside in some sun-rainy light, right after the dew lifted and before a rain storm came.   Just like late summer.

Sigh* I hope my swap partner doesn't take it too much to heart that I tried out designing on her quilt.  I think if I did this again, I might change the layout slightly to add a little more of the yellow sashing, even if I don't do the complete side sashes with the diamonds.  Maybe also choose sky with more contrast?

Original Tipi Village pattern from Quiltmaker 1993

The original pattern comes from an old Quiltmaker magazine I've been carrying around since 1993!  I even gathered some Southwestern fabric back then for that fine day I took up quilting.  My version has just a few blocks, and I made tents instead of tipis, with tent flaps added.  Instead of the Southwestern theme, I chose batiks and florals for a more organic look.

It took me a long time to try this pattern out, but I am sure I'll make another one.

Tipi Village/Sensommar, to be continued....

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