Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sportlov Sussi-- Sweet Skating Sue Swap

Yay!  I finished one of my favorite mini-quilts to date:  Sweet Skating Sue!  I am starting to really love the technique of paper piecing!  I had a feeling it could be my form of crossword......

Sportlov Sussi

I am participating in the Quilting Gallery's Sweet Skating Sue Mini Quilt Swap (try saying that three times fast!) using the pattern Jennifer Offenstein came up with at Sewhooked.

We don't usually have frozen lakes till after Christmas in Sweden, so I started thinking about the colors we have when those dark short days start to get better.  Fantastical pinks and half purples, weak yellows, and dozens of different greys.

I changed the pattern a little to add a fringe to the Sue's hood, and I narrowed the neck a little too.  I used text for the background.  I admit, I was thinking about the Joni Mitchell song, I Wish I Had a River (to Skate Away On) when I made this.  So often when I am outside in the winter, my mind is full of thoughts.  The text print stands for letters and history and thoughts, and letting go of them to just be with the skates (or skis, or forest, as it may be.)  That is the best part of winter for me!

Fringed hood, detail of quilting

Detail of the wonky log cabin border and some of my winter white on white stash:
Winter whites

Her sewing skates.....

Sew skating

And the girl herself, wearing her favorite winter coat!

Icicles and SueI called her Sportlov Sussi in Swedish, which means literally, Sport Break Suzy, or Winter Break Suzy.  Kids do get a spring break here, but there is usually lots of good snow left for skiing, and lots of frozen lakes for skating, and ice fishing.  Many families make a day of winter sport, followed by barbecuing outdoors on the ice.  We usually like to get outside one way or another, as it's cold, but sunny enough to get a little sunburn, or at least close your eyes and sit in a sun chair on the ice!

This is going to a very creative quilter in the US (Surprise!!!) 
I hope she loves it :D


  1. She is so sweet. The person receiving it is going to be so pleased!

  2. Loved this post, Liz! It is nice to have some insight into life in Sweden -- you are our window to that part of the world!

  3. This is a wonderful piece! Your recipient will love it.

  4. It's lovely! I love it! Lucky is the one who receives it!
    BRRRRR! I think I have almost forgotten the Scandinavian winters - lol! But, I do miss skiing on a wonderful cold and sunny winter day!

  5. That is darling. I'm sure the swapper will be thrilled with it.

  6. Love it?? That doesn't even BEGIN to describe how much I love it!!! I absolutely ADORE it!! I squealed like a preteen at a boy band concert!! (mail lady thinks I'm a loonytune now!) It is AMAZING. I even drug it into both schools yesterday to show it off. I never would have thought of these colors for a winter scene, yet they are perfect! Especially with the story behind it. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!


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