Friday, December 21, 2012

Do you have some Stockings to show?

I'm linking up to Quilting Lines: Christmas Stocking Hang Out!  Patricia has a bunch of great stockings to admire that she has sewn over the years and she's running a giveaway too!  You should see all the stockings in line already :D

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Stockings

These lined Christmas stockings are made using a great tutorial from Melissa at Sew Like My Mom.  Very simple once you get the hang (!) of where to put the hangers.  There are lots of pictures to use as a guide!  I'd love to do some scrappy versions too....

Sew Favorite

Stockings and Teapot

Simple Stockings

Next up? I'm going to use  this pattern, by Amy Friend at During Quiet Time, a paper pieced Christmas stocking!

Of course, if I had Really been with it, timewise and skillswise, I could have sewn up some patchwork (postage stamp?) stockings with Amy's tutorial here.  Beautiful!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Saturday!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Still Sewing, More Swedish Winter

I'm still in, sewing.  Not ready to show anything yet, but here are some more winter pics.  The temp dropped a little more, down to 20 below zero, Celsius, -4 Fahrenheit.  The birds have been busy!

Hungry birdies, -4 F/-20 C

Hungry birdies, -4 F/-20 C


For Ottmar, 4 Below

For Ottmar, 4 Below

December 13, -4/-20, 1:30 pm

At least we have more sunlight today.  This is from about 1:30 pm.

For Ottmar, 4 Below

Hope you all are busy and happy!

Lizzie in Sweden

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Swedish Winter

Today is No Sew Saturday for me (but tonight might be another matter ;) so I have some pictures to show you of where I live and what inspires me!  By far, my favorite time of year in Sweden is winter.  I love having a real winter, with beautiful natural light, even though there isn't that much of it.  The winter days where I live in middle Sweden (Jämtland area) are pretty short, with sunrise on the first of December at 9:25 am, and sunset at 2:33 pm.  According to the "Sun-hours" site, we're losing about 25 minutes! of daylight every week, until the winter solstice on December 21'st, when the number will go up again. So it pays to look for the good side, when there is actually Sun-light instead of just Day-light!

Here are today's pictures:

See the little wavy lines?  Made by our 2 dogs!

It's chilly when you get into the shade at the end of the field there, but there's no wind to speak of when you get into the forest.  Plenty of bird tweets to hear, and some moose prints too.

These pics were snapped around one pm.

I took a couple pictures of our favorite snow shovels too.  Which one would you choose to use?  I'm not sure if you can see how large that scoop with the big handle is, but it's for walking behind and pushing the snow.  Perfect for fluffy snow and driveways.

The smaller one has an ergonomic handle and it is perfect for heavier snow (for me) because it pushes it away great, but it doesn't accumulate too much at one time, so that makes it easier to either lift or just shuttle the pile away from you.

I just took the today's last pictures, around three o'clock, to show my inspiration for the Sportlov Sussi/Sweet Skating Sue mini I made.  Here's just a taste of how it looks later in the winter in Jämtland, Sweden.  See the nice steely grey, and that thistle sky next to it?  Even deeper a little later in the winter.

This is what I see from my sewing room!

We don't have an awful lot of snow yet, but it sure is pretty in this light!  Hope everyone is having a super Saturday!  Now I am going to go off to sew!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Mail!

I received some winnings from Sew Sisters Canada Connect Blog Hop this past week!

It was a lot of fun to see what folk on the other side of the pond are up to!
Karen Griska, from the Selvage Blog, sent  me a set of frosty looking pinsies, which I put immediately to use with le Modern hedgies.  I think they would be fine in their own selvage log cabin pincushion.  Karen has more in her Etsy shop.  

It's still dark outside and their's some snow stuck to the window, just like in an old movie!


I was also lucky enough to win a bundle of 5 half yard solids, from the Sew-Sister Quilt Shop itself.  They have a great selection of Kona solids and some nice sewing links.

Aren't they going to be great with Aneela Hoey's Cherry Christmas?  They look nice with the vintage New Year's fabric too.  


I also received my Sweet Skating Sue Swap from Sandy in the US.  Have a look!

Isn't the pom pom sweet?  She also sent me a nice piece of the spotted background fabric.
I wonder if mine has arrived to destination yet?  I have a different swapper than the one who sent to me.

Thanks, everyone, for making it a little brighter this time of year with the little squishies you sent me!

Now for more minis and stockings to sew.  Hope everyone is enjoying the blog hops this week too!