Wednesday, January 9, 2013

All Kinds of Wonderful

I received some great little quilts over Christmas!  One as a potholder, from my daughter, another from a doll quilt swapper in Germany, Leonie, and another doll quilt swap from the US, Judee!

Wonderful in so many ways!

This is the potholder my daughter made in sewing class.  She cut all the half square triangles, as triangles, not half squares!  She designed it herself, too.  She was worried that using a rainbow motif didn't show enough personality or creativity, but I know she made it, because she is the mystery pin-arranger:

I've been finding my pins re-arranged and sorted all year-- I've got the culprit!  I love the potholder she made, and I take it as a sign that we can finally start sewing Together.  That's going to be fun!


I received November's doll quilt around Christmas, just like Leonie and I planned.  The theme was "Use One Solid" which I think we both took to mean, at Least one solid.  Isn't this sweet?  I love it!

See how the compass points shimmer?  They look like they are metallic fabric but it is just really well chosen shades of beige!  I love the colors, and they are sure to cheer me this winter.  I like how the compass seems to be moving and I also am really blown away that this whole quilt is done BY HAND!
Hand sewn and hand quilted.  I haven't done that for 15 years, when I was expecting my firstborn, and even then, I didn't even finish my quilt.

Here are a few shots of the incredible detail:

The center looks just like a camera aperture to me!  And Leonie even sewed the tag!
Thanks Leonie, this quilt is fabulous, I love the colors, and those chocolates were divine too!


And here is what Judee sent me, just in time for Christmas!

I love these country colors and I think this is perfect for a table runner!  
She put all sorts of neat details into this one, like inset borders, metallic thread with a red bobbin thread, which I think looks really festive, and a special tag too.

I think I'm going to have to re-think the way I make my tags!  I just love these swaps.  I love the chance to see how others create and approach a challenge.  Judee's for December was called "Signs of the Season."  She sent me a fabulous, and Not scary at all!, Santa ornament!!!!  I told Judee that I loved Christmas designs, as long as there were no spooky Santas!  She remembered.
Since the snow has no sign of disappearing, I plan on having this richly colored table topper up until Valentines' Day!

******* EDIT *******
Here is the selvage pillow and Santa Judee sent!  I apologize for the cell phone pic; it was fastest so I don't have to wait for camera's battery to re-charge.  It says Lullabies, not Sweet Dreams...


Very heartfelt, all of these, thank you so much!
I am really lucky to have such great swapper buddies, and also that  my daughter's sewing teacher is so very interested in teaching my, and the other kids how to sew, which gets Me over the hurdle of worrying if my kids are going to sew their fingers together!

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