Friday, January 11, 2013

Utterly Inspired by the Big Girls, for Leonie

I fell in love with this, and this, Michelle of I Like Orange Too, and this, by Fiona of Poppy Makes, as soon as I stumbled across them last year on Flickr and Fiona's blog.  I knew I might be out of my league, but why wait too long to try such a fresh take on the Drunkard's Path?  
I was even dreaming about it.

The quilt I made for Leonie arrived in Germany already!  I had a good time making this one, based on Leonie's hints, just a little bit out of my color range, with deep wine and purple and saffron, used together a little heavier than I would normally do.  It's bolder!  I love it!  I hope she does too!

You wouldn't believe how much fussy cutting it took Not to have the word "Broken" [Dishes] in the Sew Mama Sew pieces, but it was worth it for the effect.

I chose a looser concentric circle quilting than Michelle or Fiona did.....

Chose, or chose.  I prefer the wider rings, and it was intentional, but I don't have the hang of such precise quilting yet, so I kept this at my level.

 The really fun part for me was digging through my stash to come up with the color combos. I used some fabrics that I thought were trendy for 2011-2012, to help date the quilt, and I mixed them with some old and older pieces that I have been dragging around for years.  

Since I mailed this away, (Didn't you see the stamp?) and kinda held onto it before I did, for liking it so much, I think I'd better make another one, maybe with completely different quilting.

Different fabrics, slightly different quilting, utterly inspired by the big girls.


  1. Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore this!!!

  2. ohh I sure love it!! I think I we both made each other happy ...

  3. Absolutely, Leo-- yours is shimmering in my sewing room right now!
    So glad you are glad :D


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