Thursday, February 21, 2013

Put a Pin In It!

I hereby mark that I have been absent without leave for a bit too long for comfort!  With this pin, I mark my intention to add those pictures later of some happy mail I received, both quilt-wise and fabric-wise, and some photos of fabulous shop windows around Östersund.  (the above picture is from a shop window in Seoul, Korea, with some inspiring textiles and crafts!)

Hope everyone is sewing and creating happily, and keeping those midwinter colds at bay!

         Lizzie in Sweden

1 comment:

  1. show the pictures later? that's not fair ... being absent for so long and then just tell us to have a bit more patience. I'm not good at that.
    Aye I'm sewing and creating happily - and going through my things and throwing out a lot of things getting ready to pack boxes. Ohh and did I mention I'm done with my degree and ust wiating for the last grades to come in so I can get my documents? I still can't really believe it's over.
    Weatherwise it's snowing and hovering at temps around 0°C but it's getting light earlier and dark later and soon it will be March and the gardening will begin ..


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