Thursday, February 28, 2013

Who says modern and traditional don't match?

More color....Happy mail from both Shape Moth (from one of her sponsors, Szmatka Latka of Poland) and Pile o' Fabric (from one of her sponsors, Marmalade Fabrics)

... with quilting templates and Aurifil threads too!
... with quilting templates and Aurifil threads too!


  1. Is that fabric your ordered? You really are lookign forward to spring, all those greens, and the flower prints and the butterflies ...

    And suer you can mix them - you can mix everything - I never understood the whole modern vs. traditional be it for teh patterns or teh fabric .. I mean the traditional fabrics were prett modern back then I bet .. in a few years we will laugh at all those nutcases that used solids in their quilts ..
    The only important thing is that you like it - I mean after all you have to work with it. Occasionally you can work with fabric that you know looks pleasing to others even if you don't like it, but then it's just craftsmenship and you don't pour your whole heart into it. There is only so much you can go away from your "comfort zone" before you hate what you are doing and eventually stop it or torture yourself through it.

    Ohh my I didn't mean this to turn into an essay on anything .. I just am no fan of stuffing everythign into labeld boxes (even though taht's what I will have to do for my living). Ok now I Will stopp.

    1. Oooh, this mix was an accident! Both lines came from giveaways, but I think they look surprisingly awesome together :D Just love how the fan fabrics interacts with the two lucky penny yellows, and I like how the blue flowers are dancing with the graphic to their left!


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