Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Thought I was a No-Reply Blogger....

 ...but I just had two spam boxes, an E-mail, and a G-mail!  As soon as I discovered that, and fixed it so that I could see both, I started receiving giveaway winnings-- and some of them were in my spam box, but that's all right.  Now that I can find them !

 I just found out I won one of the rounds of the Fat Quarter Shop's 2013 Designer Mystery BOM Tour--  a $50 voucher for the Fat Quarter Shop.

I have some decisions to make!  Do I use this voucher right away, or save it?  Shall I use it as "mad money" and pick out something that I never would usually buy, like yardage of some favorite fabric,

Blue Favorites
or do I use it for hard-to-get supplies, like special thread or templates,

 or really special backing fabric?

 Decisions, decisions......

One thing I just discovered while taking a tour-- This fabric:

...which is related to This fabric:

...which is related to THIS:

First Quilt, 1996, hexie fabric

 I haven't seen the yellow hexie fabric since I used up my last drop in 1997, on my as yet unfinished first quilt!!!

What would you do?

Thanks, Fat Quarter Shop, for putting me in this situation!


  1. poor you having to decide how to spend money - I would love to have that problem ..

    go for your favourite yardage - hard to get supplies are probably htings you don't really need so no to that

    Will that yellow fabric still be as special as it is now when you buy more of it?

    Just a few thoughts

  2. Hey, I'm so glad you found my blog earlier today. Feel free to stop by any time. I will sure 'keep track' on you;)

  3. Glad you made that happy discovery! Good luck picking out what to buy with your winnings. :-)

  4. It had been awful if you had missed it! Glad you discovered it in time! Very difficult to choose.... I think I had chosen til yellow hexie fabric and then finished that quilt! I know, not easy to choose. Congrats on the wins - and have a wonderful Sunday!


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