Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thinking About Sis and Grandmother

 On Sunday I managed to get a good bunch of sewing in.  It was the day after a sloppy, snowy, windy one, and the clear weather was a joy.  I was thinking about my grandmother, who has had a second stroke recently.  She always has loved colors and all their nuances.  She once repainted her front door after discovering the shade it turned in the late day sun, and wanting to edit it right away.  That's dedication, and a special eye for detail.  She makes the most wonderful little vignettes throughout her house, of the sort people usually put up and leave up.  Hers are changed with her whim, about every two weeks. Flowers and figurines, a bit of tiny lace, a stone and a bottle. Humble and fine alike.

My sis sent me a picture of Grandmother, looking very intently out the window to see all she could see.  I would show it, because it really tells a story, but she would be mortified to show her " bed head!"  Her face has dropped a little on one side, but I still see her intent way of looking.  Anyway, it was so grey in the photo that I really felt I had to try to send over something pretty.  If you have read here awhile, you may know that I have a hard time abiding with grey days, even though I do love them in their own way.  I come from Syracuse, New York, the place Eastman Kodak used for testing their film for grey days (yes, there are That many there.)  

So I sent a flurry of pictures to my sister.  And waited.

For all her attention to detail, one thing my grandmother knows how to do is split the difference, or do something quicker sometimes, to enjoy its impact.  She is a master of knowing when to say when, or when to go all out.  I was thinking about that too as I was sewing with these pre-cuts.  I have made a fair number of doll quilts of my own design, and I realize I haven't just made a fun quickie, just for the sake of it.  I like the puzzle of figuring the design out myself, but I also like the satisfaction of putting something together simply, and just enjoying it.  Really, I can be quite happy just arranging my fabric stash into something that pleases, without even sewing a stitch.  But that won't keep you warm!

 At the end of my day (Sweden is six hours ahead of US Eastern Time) my sister finally wrote back.  She Had shown my pictures to Grandmother, and it had cheered her day.  They replied to each picture with specific comments about which colors Grandmother liked best, which she thought suited me, that the light looked so nice, that there was snow showing on the windowsill.

I hope this second stroke is her last, and that she has many years left to arrange her arrangements and spread her thoughtfulness and cheer.  Just her way of being has taught me so much.


  1. My Grandmama passed just over a year ago. I miss her so much every single day. She was the strongest, gentlest, wisest woman I've ever known. I pray your Grandmother has many more years left!! And I LOVE the itty bitty teeny weeny HSTs!!!

    1. I hope this comment gets to you....I am not sure if it will with the no reply in the address.

      Oh, I bet you miss your Grandmama. We are hoping that there won't be any more strokes, but my dad was told this probably wasn't the last. On the other hand, she actually is almost back to what she had worked up to after the first stroke, so that is encouraging. I wouldn't normally post about family stuff, but it really was on my mind all day (and she Still is) and it was so special to be able to connect through colors and quilts, with help from my sis.Grandmother is 93. Her father lived to 99, even living for 10 years after having a heart attack, but we know our time with her may still be drawing to a close. Every extra chance is a blessing.

      Thanks for your kind words!

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  3. By the wonders of the Internet - I'm sure your grandma was very happy to see such pictures, and good of your sister too for sending the comments back, this would have taken a few weeks just a couple of years ago! Love the little basket - very colourful.

  4. Such a sweet post, Lizzie. Family is the most important thing in the world. I'm so thankful for the internet that allows us to Skype with my husband's family which is spread from one end of the U.S. to the other. :)

  5. What a sweet and wonderful post. As a grandmother myself, I can only hope that someday at least my granddaughter would have such beautiful things to say about me. This was very touching.

  6. Such a lovely post! My grandmother died 10 years ago but her kind words and great wisdom still live on. I wish your grandmother good health and happiness for the remainder of her days.


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