Sunday, April 7, 2013

Doll Quilters Monthly

This beauty arrived to me from Barb well before Easter, but I have been awful about posting anything, feeling both busy and blue. Fact is, I love this quilt and I was really happy to have Barb as my partner for Doll Quilters Monthly for March! Look at the lovely design--is it your own Barb? I can imagine it is :D
I adore the kelly green, a color I always associate with Barb, and a cheery color indeed! The patches are wonderful and that cat smirk is priceless! And perhaps most wonderful of all is the heart cat-pawprint quilting! Truly original and personal. I love it! Thanks Barb!

Nalle is reaching for Cat Patches.....

I'm hopelessly late with yours, but it is almost done.
-xo Lizzie
 Doll Quilters