Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Modern Mini Quilt Challenge

Pale NYB
Swedish Scrapper's Pale New York Beauty. Approximately 12 x 12". Materials:  Quilters cotton and linen, polyester batting.  New to me:  Using a paler palette, letting the corners not line up perfectly, using a subtle solid binding

  I decided to enter this mini-quilt I made at the end of May in Ellison Lane's (second annual?) Modern Mini Quilt Challenge
High time to gather some neat little doings together in one place for us all to take a look!  Thanks Jennifer!  Last year's quilts were really fun to see, and I'm sure these will be wonderful too. 

I made this New York Beauty mini late in May, after a long slump in sewing.  It was a departure for me to use softer tones, and to not worry so much about the edges all lining up.  Best of all, I made it just for us, to hang in our front hall.

  Pale New York Beauty 

I chose the colors and the linen border to accent the curtain I had just made for the front door.  I love its quiet presence.


Not only did I have fun sewing again, I had a blast taking pictures of the process.  I've been trying to describe to my father how paper piecing works.  I also just love to take pictures!  He taught me that.

Process Pic

NYB Process
Yep, that's my special postcard that I use to fold the papers over when I trim the seams

Sewing New York Beauty
I love the Noteworthy line of fabric!

I made my New York Beauty mini inspired by last year's NYB Quilt Along, over at Sew Sweetness.  I fetched the block from Ullas Quiltseite, where she graciously has 9 different NYB's available for free download.  She also has a Block of the Month quilt along and other patterns. 

I followed the quilting used by Lee at Freshly Pieced, and she was in turn inspired by Katy at From the Blue Chair.  (Whew, that's alot of links to keep track of!)

I enjoy that this quilt is a mark in time for spring 2013, and that I took the time to snap a few pictures along the way, even the songs I heard on the radio while working.  It was a great way to get back into sewing, with a classic block revisited.

New York Beauty
 Process picture  

If you want to enter your modern mini quilt to Jennifer's challenge, go on over and link up!  And don't forget to check out the others!

Lizzie in Sweden


  1. Lizzie, that is lovely! I am sorry you are having trouble linking it up. I will delete this link and please try again. :)

  2. This beautiful! I love those soft colours you've chosen :)

  3. It's beautiful Lizzi - it makes a great partner for the mariners compass / compas rose quilt ... It looks good on the white background ... clean and fresh.

  4. It is just stunning. In fact so stunning that when I had to put a collage together for a tote bag exchange your little quilt was right in the middle of it. I just LOVE it.

    1. Aww, that's really sweet of you. Thanks! I hope you have an awesome tote swap!

  5. Your New York Beauty mini quilt is breathtakingly beautiful! Love the design, colors, fabric combos, the quilting - I mean everything! Good luck!!

  6. I love the cool color pallet and it looks fantastic on your wall. I also love the window curtain in the shot :)

  7. It's absolutely gorgeous! The colours, the texture… lovely.


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