Thursday, June 13, 2013

Not good at practicing

I never was!  I prefer to make something that will really be something.  I learn while I'm going, and hope for the best.  

So last year, when I started the Fat Quarter Shop's Designer Mystery Block of the Month club, I let the blocks languish on the shelf.  I just wasn't ready to sew them, and possibly ruin them.

Block 1 

But now I finally got up the nerve to try one...

Block 2 

... and another

Block 3 

       ... and another

Block 4 

...and still one more!

At this rate, I'll be done by Christmas! 

Four so far  
 You just can't pull on the flowers to make them bloom.  

It sure is fun to just sew for sewing's sake though, and not have to come up with the design, or figure out the yardage.   Just focus on doing a good job.  It's kind of exciting to sew one step at a time and see the block emerge.  I think I'm learning some stuff on the way too.

Happy Thursday!

Lizzie in Sweden 


  1. You will be done by Christmas and then you have the perfect "waitin for spring" quilt ... because that really aren't christmassy colours. Are you plannign on a sashing? maybe a light yellow ...

  2. They look gorgeous too!! Nice work on them.

  3. Love these blocks! You have made me super excited as I am about to get my first installment of this years BOM!

  4. I'm making it too. Isn't it fun? And they're turning out gorgeous! Yours are just beautiful. Great job!


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