Friday, June 7, 2013

Sunshiny Days

The Week

Projects from Patchwork Please, and from Art Gallery Fabrics Creative Blog/Fat Quarter Gang

Oh!  What a long spring this has been!  I've been "under the weather" to say the least.  When the sun is shining, I'm shining too, and when it isn't, well, it's really hard.  Just to clear the air, I'll say here that I get pretty depressed at the end of winter.  It may be Seasonal Affective Disorder, or may be plain old depression. 
I don't know, and it doesn't matter which one it is.  Just that when it comes, it's like swimming in molasses to get out.  Hmm, or a fly on a sticky strip.  

The treatment doesn't always help right away.  It can take a while to get a good fit.  Sometimes it takes more than a nice walk or a fantastic view,  loving family, or beautiful fabrics to seep through the haze. However, I have a new treatment that makes me less sleepy, and less complacent, and the sun is shining again, so it's good I think.  Best of all, I can enjoy what I really do enjoy, like this beautiful hazy day we had recently.  Depressed, this view is nothing but gloom and doom.  Feeling good, it is vibrating with possibility!
Dawn comes late    
Thanks to everyone who's sent out a friendly hello now and then to see how I've been doing.  That really means a lot to me.  It's good to know you're not alone, and I really love the online quilting community for adding to my family in unexpected ways. 

Frog and pepper

Back to business!  I'm sewing again and I have a few things to show.  I won't bombard you with photos, but there are a few neat things to see.  One is the Patchwork Please book by Ayumi (Mills) Takahashi of Pink Penguin.  I love this whole book!  The projects are fun and they really invite you to use your stash and the tiniest of scraps in creative ways.  That's heaven for this lady who used to follow lint in the sunlight as a child! (It looked like rainbows to me, really :)

Pepper family

I am quilting along in the Zakka Aong 2.0 that uses this book, organized and hosted by Lindsey from LR Stitched, and Debbie from A Quilter's Table.  Last year's sew along was so fun I knew I'd take a second chance if it came again.  I'm glad it did!

This week's project was Ayumi's Bell Pepper Coasters, and they were a blast to make.  I love putting little bits of fabric together and these are seriously addictive.  I made a whole pepper family, coasters and hotpads.  

Four Peppers

I even sewed up a pepper to go with my favorite cookbook, Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery.  It's almost camouflaged, but I like that look sometimes.  I just adore that kitchen print!

Retro cookbook pepper 

Yes, that's an Easter cactus bowing down over them.  That's just how late spring came this year!  I'm glad the sun is out again.
There have been more doings and sewings, but I'll save them for next time!

Lizzie in Sweden


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  2. Åh va roligt du verkar ha framför symaskinen. Själv håller jag på att lägga upp min nya quiltbutik på nätet! Roligt värre, men jag längtar också till att sy några sömmar och att va ute i det vackra vädret;)

    Ha en bra helg!

  3. wow you have been busy Lizzie - I'm enjoying my last salt patrons these days ... oh and I did hang up your (hmm my?) doll quilt I just love the bold colours.
    The fabrics are really cheerfull - that pattern should also work as potholders ... well of course you would have to make them bigger but ...

  4. OOOH! Looove those peppers! So cute they are! They should be great to make as Christmas gifts! Sorry to hear you are not feeling very well during end of winter... Love the photo, very beautiful, but I can understand.... Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs..

  5. i get depressed to , glad you are in the sunshine

  6. Dearest Lizzie, after being married to you for so many years I still admire your stamina. Not many people from outside this country have what it takes to stand these winters.
    I think you forgot to tell the folks who follow your blog that our tulips just came up and showed some pretty colours. I guess the friends in Holland would call that a sad place to live?
    Still, the moose and the geese are out in the yard in the early morning and the mountains are as wonderful as can be and should you come downstairs, there is fresh coffee in the pot.
    I love you and your little peculiar artwork, your smile and your caring for all of us when we are feeling down.
    Summer is here. Almost 70 F the other day. Yep, that is not much, but for a Swede, it's summer.
    Hugs and kisses from me!

  7. Okay, I'm here to tell you how awesome your bell peppers are and how much I love that kitchen print too and how I hope things will be feeling happier with the weather change -- and then I saw your husband's comment above mine...

    ...and now I need to go find a kleenex. Happy week to you, my friend. :)


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