Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swaps are fun!

Today I received my portion of the charms we swapped in the Flickr group 
 Texty Charm Swap.   
Wow, they are going to be fun to use, whenever I dare cut into them!

Here's a peek:

 There are sewing themed, typeface, words of encouragement or diary page type prints, letters, postmarks, newsprint, ledgers, and one map charm!

The next swap is going to be maps, layer cake size, in September.
 Can you just imagine the cool tote you could make with different map prints?  Info to follow later in the summer at the Flickr group..... 

Lizzie in Sweden

PS  I do not know why, but my page seems to be loading oddly, with the comments and side bar sections gone and back again.  Seems to work if you refresh the page, but I will be changing templates shortly to try to fix it.  Sorry for the inconvenience, I like to read comments!

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  1. love your charms, i want to get me some mini ones soon


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