Saturday, August 3, 2013

Swedish Summer

I thought we were going straight from spring to fall with all the 50 degree weather and rain we've had in our neck of the woods!
It finally broke though and we've had balmy 70s for over a week now.
Here's what the sun brought after the rain!

Red currants with "filter"

Swedish Summer Summer Summer Came


  1. can't ever tell summer may go until winter. The weather has been strange this year

  2. I'm glad you're finally having nice weather. It has just been hot, hot, hot in Texas, USA.

  3. HEJ THERE!!!!

    How cool (och vad jul att träffas!) that you live and quilt in Sweden!

    I saw your comment at Kathy Schmitz studio and thought to pop a quick comment at your blog.

    I am half swedish, raised in Texas and have visited Sweden a few times.... beautiful country and love the food.
    I live in Louisiana and have been quilting about 20 years. I have the extreme pleasure of working in a quilt shop as well. The very best of all worlds.

    I think your photography of Sweden is really wonderful. I wonder what part do you live in? My family is from the Vänersborg area..... my mother was from Göteborg and summered in a village called Ödeborg.

    All the very best to you!
    Chris T


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