Sunday, October 27, 2013

Grabbing Some Color Back

Swap Blocks for STW, Hive 7, plus my block up in top right corner :)

No, I'm not at the Quilt Market, but I sure have been having fun reading about it and looking at the pictures people have been posting.  It looks really busy, and BIG!

I'm looking forward to reading my favorite bloggers' posts about it next week.

Since I last posted here, I've had some medicine that made me really tired, but I'm not that affected now. I finally got to sew a little, and a little more.  I found out about the Scrappy Trip Around the World Bee on Flickr, and that seemed like a good way to get going again.  
Here are the blocks I made and sent away:

STW Hive 7 Marie STW Hive 7 Angela STW Hive 7 Tiff STW Hive 7 Adrienne STW Hive 7 Carolyn And here's Mine:

 A good week

Whew! I can see why people really love that block-- it's really fun to make! And using someone else's color scheme is pretty fun too, it gives you a whole different point of view. I feel refreshed! 
The sign ups for the next round are open on November first.

 Happy sewing! Lizzie

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  1. the blocks are beautiful - and now your unordered strange use of colours makes sense ... I wondered how you were going to put the blocks together in a quilt. but they are bee blocks so they will probably fit perfectly well into their respective quilts ...


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