Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's getting to be a magical time of year when the leaves are gone, and other things show themselves. Here by the stump, the blueberry leaves are all gone from the plants (there are a few berries left, but I wouldn't eat them;) Isn't it fabulous the way the pine needles fell on the moss?
 I love how they scattered.

Jämtland skog

Such a magical half light that day too! On the next forest walk, I saw a moose, just 20 yards away. My dogs spooked him away though.

Buu o Bääs picnic plats 
The big anthills are really visible now too.  I think this one looks like the ones in Buu and Baa's Adventure, a book my kids liked when they were little.
 If I remember right, the two little sheep keep looking for a place to picnic while they are out picking blueberries, but they keep sitting too close to the anthills!


When we were in town, we found one of these: Is it a nest? Some kind of ganglion from the tree branches? I find it very hard to tell, even when I look at those still in the tree.... 

Is it a nest? 

Here's what I'm working with later:

3x6 EU Ladies : Lizzie - - / 4 x 5 Modern Bee : Swedish Scrapper - Lizzie! 3x6 EU Ladies : Francine 3x6 EU Ladies : Erika 3x6 EU Ladies : Celine 

These hot and cold bundles are for some bee blocks. I hope I've got plenty to show tomorrow. 

 Happy sewing!
 Lizzie in Sweden


  1. The mysterious clumps in the trees and on the ground look like the Spanish moss that grows on the tree outside my patio here in Florida! Every once in awhile one falls off the tree and ends up in our garden. Can Spanish moss grow in your cold climate?

  2. It looks like a fairyland, Lizzie, and I love those stacks of fabric!

  3. So beautiful outside there. I'm in Florida too, and there's a sameness year-round you don't find in more nothern climes. I kind of miss seasons. We have hot and hotter, with only a bit of cold thrown in. Love those fabric stacks. They will be beautiful!


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