Monday, November 4, 2013

A Little Side Track.....

I grabbed the camera this weekend.  I keep feeling lazy and using my phone to take pictures, and then being disappointed they are blurry, or pale, or some other thing.  I love to compose pictures, and I love taking a real photo.  (well, as real as it can be perhaps without going and developing them.
So, I took out the camera and tripod and took some photos around the house.

 I have to say, it felt really nice to take a little time on the images I was framing. I'm going to try taking pics of the sewing with camera again too! Like this: 

Sewing and Red 2, November 
and this, the other side! Sewing and Red, November 
I worked on a little scrap stack to send out for a swap this weekend, and I discovered a whole new palette for myself. Really love these beiges at this time of year, and sewing the bug rug just for fun was just what I needed. 
 Isn't it great to go off the track sometimes? 

 Happy Sewing! 
Lizzie in Sweden

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