Friday, November 15, 2013

Cat in the Country

Nalle walk

Last weekend, I took a morning dog-walk with my family. Not far down the path toward the forest, we heard an unbelievably loud yowling coming from behind us! There sat our bigger cat, Fat Cat, climbing around the brush at the side of the barn. He could see we were getting farther away, and, being like any cat, his curiosity finally got the better of him. cat walk 3

We walked down the path, listening to him muttering and murmuring behind us, but he didn't go back! He just kept trotting behind, at a safe distance. When we got through the forest, and to the lake nearby, he really took a chance to look around.... cat walk 6 

(I just have to point out here that it's Not our ax that has been left in the block like that, nor is it our block!) 

He looked high and low....
cat walk 8
 cat walk 9 
And high again...
cat walk 4
Fat Cat



flat top 1
Zack looked on.

cat walk 15
Fat Cat and Stella

We had a little snow during the week, and it's gotten colder.
 Cat hasn't been following on any more 

homeward bound  
But this one sure was fun while it lasted.  And he was none the worse for wear from his adventure!

 cat walk 13

I hope you enjoyed a slice of Sweden today.
Happy weekend ! 
I hope you all get out and about too!


  1. Love meeting your cat and dog! We had a cat at the farm where I grew up who always enjoyed walks with us. Our dog Sasha looks the same as your Zack. :) Your cat and dog are beautiful!

  2. Love this! I enjoyed the cat pics, and it is always fun to spy Zack too!

  3. Lovely photos - and what an adventurous cat!


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