Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Finally a Finish

Not perfect, but very finished, and very crinkly and nice!
Here is the Zakka quilt that has sat on the shelf forever....When I started quilting it, it just was a bear.  Balky and puckering, tucking.  Turns out the problem was not only my inexperience, but the fact that my machine was crooked where the needle sits.  So I literally couldn't sew a straight line!  It didn't really show on smaller quilts, but it sure showed up for this one.

I had the classic troubles, to narrow seams, and a stitch that was really small in some places and normal sized in others.  The machine is fixed, and I decided to just quilt this As-is, and see what happened.

Well, the sky didn't fall, and the quilt didn't fall apart too much either.  There are the puckers, but they washed into a really nice texture when I was all done, so they don't bother me a bit!  As for those too narrow seams, they don't mix well with linen.  So I had some that came loose.  I just zigzagged the stuffing out of them, around each seam where it happened.  Since the quilt is linen and the squares are fairly large, I think it fits in for the homey feeling. And now I can work on future quilts instead of being weighed down by this one on the shelf!


  1. I love the texture! It will be great to cuddle up with on those cold winter nights!

  2. Got a new quilting machine and all I get is pickers, depressing. Hugs


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