Monday, December 16, 2013

Plenty of happy mail

I've been getting all sorts of neat stuff in the mail this month.

Received from Carol
These are some Christmas coasters and refrigerator magnets that Carol sent me from Wisconsin.  She also made a tiny checkerboard!  These are so cheerful.  She told me the coasters are trimmed with mini-piping, a finish that I would like to try.  I can't believe all she gets done! Carol also makes the cutest thread portraits of quilters.  Really special!

And this is what I made for Carol.  I changed Ayumi's Mealtime tea towels to a Swedish Christmas towel-- God Jul!  I designed a Christmas goat applique, and a Dala Horse applique, and added God Jul (Merry Christmas!) to the bottom of the towel.  Then, I made tree coasters using a free paper pieced pattern from last Christmas (I cannot remember where I got it....) and I made some Christmas patchwork to use for the Dala Horse tree ornaments.  
These were both for the FLiRTS swap for Christmas.

I also received a wonderful Totoro mini Quilt of my own, from Camila in Brazil.  The poor guy made it all the way to me when there were still leaves on the trees, but since I had written my nickname (Lizzie) instead of my given name (Elizabeth) the package was sent back, to be remailed.
Isn't he wonderful?  

I just love everything about him, but most all the button eyes!

That is it for today!   I hope everyone is having a good time getting ready for the holidays.

Lizzie in Sweden


  1. What wonderful gifts! I love happy mail!! :)

  2. So many lovely gifts.So inspiring.Happy New Year.


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