Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November Doings

bow 5
Double rainbow today!
I've been up to a lot this month, but not telling much about it. I been taking lots of pictures of nature, and I've been sewing bee blocks and receiving blocks too. I have also done a little fabric swapping. I don't know how to really mix the nature pictures with quilting, but when it looks as dramatic outside as it does this time of year, with steely grey skies, birds flocking to the feeders, and sunrise that starts at 9 in the morning, well, it's hard to only sit inside and sew. I think it has given me a good rest to sew a little, got outside a little, and then repeat! Here are a few show and tells.....

3x6 Bee, European Ladies, my block
My Circle of Geese Test Block
Magic Light 2
Lovely moss and lichen found this morning in the forest
Here go moose
Moose hair found on the forest floor today by Zack
Late day sunlight on the barn next door
Geese Circles made for 3 x 6 Bee, European Ladies
All the bee blocks for the 3 x 6 group, together
Woodpecker sitting very still at the top of a pine
A mix of the bee blocks, the fabric swaps, the artist trading card, and some nature pictures from November

Friday, November 15, 2013

Cat in the Country

Nalle walk

Last weekend, I took a morning dog-walk with my family. Not far down the path toward the forest, we heard an unbelievably loud yowling coming from behind us! There sat our bigger cat, Fat Cat, climbing around the brush at the side of the barn. He could see we were getting farther away, and, being like any cat, his curiosity finally got the better of him. cat walk 3

We walked down the path, listening to him muttering and murmuring behind us, but he didn't go back! He just kept trotting behind, at a safe distance. When we got through the forest, and to the lake nearby, he really took a chance to look around.... cat walk 6 

(I just have to point out here that it's Not our ax that has been left in the block like that, nor is it our block!) 

He looked high and low....
cat walk 8
 cat walk 9 
And high again...
cat walk 4
Fat Cat



flat top 1
Zack looked on.

cat walk 15
Fat Cat and Stella

We had a little snow during the week, and it's gotten colder.
 Cat hasn't been following on any more 

homeward bound  
But this one sure was fun while it lasted.  And he was none the worse for wear from his adventure!

 cat walk 13

I hope you enjoyed a slice of Sweden today.
Happy weekend ! 
I hope you all get out and about too!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yay! I received a card too! Here is the card that Simi sent to me!! Isn't it fabulous? She made theme of fireworks against a night sky. Something to keep away the dark in Sweden. It came out perfectly!
 Received from Simi Received from Simi 

I love it!! SO many layers and so sparkly! I think her stitching is really lovely too. Received from Simi 

In other doings, I have been cutting strips to send for the low volume scrappy trip swap, 2.5. Here are three of them, and the rest are done but have no pictures. 
They are going in the mail this weekend. Just about ready to stack and send! 
So nice to get a bit of sunshine!

And now I have to get back to bee block sewing!
 Happy Thursday! 
 Lizzie in Sweden

Monday, November 11, 2013

An Artist Trading Card

Very Berry Handmade ATC Swap

I heard about Artist Trading Cards in the late 90's, but I never tried making one.  At that time, I was more into collage and painting, and raising toddlers! than quilting, but I just never got around to trying one.

Last spring, Ali from Very Berry Fabrics blog introduced a swap for quilted ATC's.  I missed it last time, but I sure enjoyed seeing what everybody else made.  When Ali hosted a new one this September, I signed right up!  I've been taking pictures and sketching for awhile to come up with something that would work.
Our theme this time was simply: Autumn.
The cards should be 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Viking Mushroom, the cute one in story books and kids fabrics. Eating by Vikings for its hallucinogenic properties.....

Barley field, and Storsjön (Great Lake) beyond

How difficult it is to draw something so tiny, and break a scene down into small parts!

Just one of the possibilities

Not all my ideas worked yet, but I was able to happily settle on a scene from one of my Sundays: pressing leaves in my cookbook:

Leaves and flowers

My finished card is simplified from the inspiration photo I took.   That is either one Huge blueberry leaf, or a very tiny cookbook!  Still, I think it says autumn, both in color and style.  I love to go around and take pictures when the colors change, and I end up piling up bits of fabric and leaves and flowers even more than usual, making arrangements to ponder and enjoy. 
That's what this card is about.

ATC Fall 2013 

I used some vintage Kimono fabric from Japan, some wonderful Oakshott shot cotton, one of my favorite text prints, and a bit of linen and ribbon.  Now that I finally got the hang of making something so tiny, I can't wait to try again!   The green is could have been moss in another design I started, but here it stands for the barley that grew outside the back door all summer, that was harvested in the fall.  Now everything is already covered in snow!
These are great for trying out new techniques, which for me would be embroidery, design, and working really tiny.  

Check out Ali's Flickr group if you'd like to see more....

Happy sewing from Lizzie in Sweden, and thanks to all those who serve, and those who do and those that don't make it back, and the families that try to hold them tight, on this Veteran's Day.
You have my love and gratitude forever.

Monday, November 4, 2013

A Little Side Track.....

I grabbed the camera this weekend.  I keep feeling lazy and using my phone to take pictures, and then being disappointed they are blurry, or pale, or some other thing.  I love to compose pictures, and I love taking a real photo.  (well, as real as it can be perhaps without going and developing them.
So, I took out the camera and tripod and took some photos around the house.

 I have to say, it felt really nice to take a little time on the images I was framing. I'm going to try taking pics of the sewing with camera again too! Like this: 

Sewing and Red 2, November 
and this, the other side! Sewing and Red, November 
I worked on a little scrap stack to send out for a swap this weekend, and I discovered a whole new palette for myself. Really love these beiges at this time of year, and sewing the bug rug just for fun was just what I needed. 
 Isn't it great to go off the track sometimes? 

 Happy Sewing! 
Lizzie in Sweden