Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Lovely year of Finishes

Welcome 2014!  I've decided to join  Melissa of Sew Bittersweet Designs, and Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts in their Lovely Year of Finishes 2014 event.  I've got some big things to work on, and some little things to finish, and a bunch in between.  I'm giving myself permission to do less, by taking on fewer swaps, and more, by challenging myself to finish more of what matters to me.  Of course, I will keep swapping, but I want to make sure to catch those flakes and crumbs and threads and batting bits too, and sew them up into somethings marvelous!


My January goal will be small but meaningful.  I have a mini quilt that is almost finished, from the Fat Quarterly Retreat, that I've been hemming and hawing about.  I made it in the workshop that Lu Summers held that goes along with her book Improv Quilting.  The workshop was really fun, and I cut and sewed up a little quilt in a matter of hours!  But then, when it came to hand quilting it, even with the table top casual workshop, I only got so far.  And I never picked it up again after I got home.  Afraid to ruin it?!?   Afraid for it to end?!?

 So, I'm going to make the decisions:
  •  Take out the stitches I started with, or continue as-is?
  • Start at the same place or Start over in another spot?
  • Smaller stitches?
Baby steps to get over  the hurdle of a project that I realize I have gotten a little stuck with! I want to see this baby on the wall!  With a label and a date, quilted and wonderful.

I have other projects to do this year, new and old.  Some of them are:  to finish the 2012 (!I know!) Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery BOM, to continue with and assemble the wonderful bee blocks I've been receiving and working on,  and to learn how to sew English Paper Pieced (EPP) hexagons.  I also want to make at least 4 very basic quilts, and one or more complicated ones.  

AND, I am still taking photographs as part of the Flickr group called 365 Days in Colour.  
This month's color is Dark Green.  A photo a day for the whole month. I probably won't have them on this blog often, but you can check out those photos if you go to my Flickr stream.
We'll see how it goes.  It's a balancing act!

Brokad 9

Happy Sewing and Happy New Year! 
Lizzie in Sweden


  1. Good luck!!! I am sure no matter what you decide it will be lovely!

  2. What a great project to kick off the Lovely Year of Finishes! I have noticed that when I first begin quilting anything, it does not have nearly the impact that occurs when the whole project is quilted. Perhaps that same result will happen on this lovely improv quilt? The first pic which shows details is tantalizing -- cannot wait to see the finished quilt!

  3. I love your mini quilt and I think you should continue because it's gorgeous

  4. I want to get good a few motion quilting, hugs friend


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