Monday, January 13, 2014

Tjugondag Knut

Tjugondag katt

Today's the twentieth day after Christmas! in Sweden it's called Tjugondag Knut, or St. Knut's Day. It's the traditional day to take down the Christmas tree and all the lights and decorations from the Christmas season, and finish up the Christmas cookies and candy. By sun-up (which is around 8:30 in the morning, where I live up in Jämtland.)

We started the day taking down lights, and went on to the tree.  Everything is taken down now, and it really feels like Christmas is over.  There were no candies left to eat.  We took care of them already!

Tjugondag knut

I got a bunch done over the weekend, when I finally took down some BOM's I've been hanging onto.
I finished 4 blocks!  I had company with a flickr group called the Lazy Bums, who were holding the first annual Lazy Bums Global Retreat, to tackle some of our worst UFO's.  We used a shared spreadsheet and checked in with each other during the whole event. It was lots of fun to sew and chat a little too.  Now I have only 4 blocks left to do. 

Cleanup time!

And a bunch of cleanup......

Starting lazy bum global sewing retreat! Midnight local time....Getting there!  14.35 local time...

Happy sewing from Lizzie in Sweden!


  1. Beautiful blocks you and your friends made. I'm glad you finished taking Christmas down and are ready to enter your new year :)


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