Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lots a happening!

Hiya!  I've been busy the last two weeks!  How about you?

I've been hemming and hawing about the Beanstalks quilt, getting opinions from taller people about how straight or crooked it really is-- taller guys tend to have better vision that way, huh?  I've thought about cutting it up and going really improv with it, but that seems like a really rash solution.  So the best I came up with is to sew new seams where I've taped it straight(-ish) and add a wedge of Stella blue at the top left, where it is still a little shy.  Then I can square it up and add the sashings.  I think when it is all quilted, the extra seams will read as character, not disaster.  Here's hoping!

Not really sure if pins would do better than super scotch tape at this point.  I am tired of fiddling around!  Of course, if it's a wash, I'll just redo.

I've also gotten a little farther with Jan's block, for the Stash Fabulous Bee.  I have all the measurements now, and fabric pulled.  I may change some of the low volumes.

I have some more fabrics pulled for some secret sewing, that I hope to show in a week or two :) 

These are the blocks I sewed for the Scrappy Trip Around the World Bee.  My two are in the bottom right hand corner.

And I also joined a little quilt along from Chase at Quarter Inch Mark, called the Stack Patch Mini QAL.  She showed us how to make a small 12 patch block, and she has prompts for how to choose the colors, for two blocks a week.   It will go about 5 weeks (two down already) and this will be a mini that I keep for myself!  Truly selfish sewing, as choosing the colors is really personal.  It is a fun exercise!  So far, we've done, True Colors, Favorite Colors, April Showers and May Flowers.

True Colors (top) Fave Colors (bottom)

The top is of my true colors, and the bottom is my favorite colors. Red is a tough color for me. I love to see it, but it is not my first choice for clothing or sewing. But for as long as I can remember, people have told me it's "my color." And it does have a special place in my heart.  The next one has some of my favorite colors. I use a lot of orange or coral in both sewing and painting, and deep blue shows up often too. 

April (top) May (bottom) 

Next is April and May. I chose grey and gold for April because those are the colors I see all the time right now, with the barley field that has the grey Cranes grazing on it these days. And I am looking forward to May, when our daffodils will bloom and tulips will too! 

These little blocks are a really great way to take a look at the scraps, and a surprisingly fun color exercise.

I'm linking this up to WIP Wednesday, at Freshly Pieced

And Let's Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts.

Sew Fresh Quilts

 Come back tomorrow to see about the Angled Frames quilt top I just finished and some more sewing I've gotten myself into!
I hope to report soon about those Beanstalks!

Happy Sewing!


  1. I am loving that bean stalks quilt! What a clever improv. The colours are incredible. Great job on all your scrappy trip and 12 patch blocks, too!

  2. Woa, you have been busy! Nicely done!

    Question: The photo of the pink and green fabric, what is the pink fabric with the buttons on it? LOVE!

  3. love hearing from you, glad you are sewing and blogging, like your blocks , thinking about a scrap block quilt maybe for my daughter. got to make her another one thus year.

  4. Ohh, I am supposed to be sleeping, but I wanted to dash in for some inspiration -- lots that I have not read. You have been posting up a storm! Tonight I found out that the "mystery bird" is a grey crane: to me it has the head of a thin Canadian goose, and a lovely ruffled bustle in the back! Amazing!


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