Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thank You!

Thank everyone who reads this little blog.  I am aware that it doesn't grow much bigger than little, but that's how it is.  The ebb and flow in my life really goes back and forth, and the way I react to it does too.  It's been forever since I posted anything (last February?) so I am rusty about writing.  But I've missed you guys!  Missed me too.  SO, here goes....

I've been sewing bee blocks, and taking pictures.

Bee Blocks

                            I'm about ready to sew the 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM together!

The Last Four 2012 FQS Designer Myster BOM's

I also have enough received and made bee blocks to sew up the other sampler I've been working on.
Sashing and straightforward?  On point with lots of white and a few pinwheels?  Not sure yet, but I know I want it to be a longer quilt.

Mostly, I'm just trying to get my act together. Every year, for the past several, I get down in the dumps sometime in the fall, and sometime in the spring. I never know when it will happen, and I'm frankly tired of talking about it or feeling guilty about disappearing. Or trying to figure out what to say without saying that it sucks again. So I'll just say I'm back again.  I've had some life stuff, like the death of my grandmother, and a wonderful trip home to see everyone.  It really was fantastic to see my family again, but the depression hit afterwards.  I always think I'll be able to head it off, but it just doesn't go till it's good and ready.  

 So, I was away for part of February, and I just have to call it that I skipped March this year.  I have some photos to show for it, but I really can't list what I was up to.  I don't know.  I'm telling you, even the birds went back to the forest for a while, when we had an early thaw.  I'm just glad to be back again, feeling more positive and blessed, and looking forward to sewing and snapping pics and sending little blog "letters" out into the universe.

Thank you friends!


  1. Gosh , your blocks are beautiful!! You're such a good piecer! and I love your fabric choices.


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