Monday, July 21, 2014

Moral Support for Aneela


I don't know how to cure cancer, but I sure would if I did!  Just over a month ago,  Aneela Hoey announced on Instagram that she is going to have surgery for breast cancer.  Chelsea over at Pins and Bobbins has started an initiative to sew up a quilt for Aneela, using only the fabrics she has designed, and white.  The blocks are super quick to sew up!  Good thing, because I didn't read about it till a few days ago.  Chelsea's collecting 100 standard or 400 mini blocks for the quilt.
Here are the links needed if you want to send some support her way:

To read more about the quilt Chelsea is making, go on over to Pins and Bobbins  and there you will see her tutorial on how to make the X and O half sized blocks.

You can also use the original Canoe Ridge Creations tutorial to make a full sized block-- which just happens to be easy to do with a layer cake and mini charms.


The Fabric Stash has donated beautiful Aneela Hoey fabric for the backing of the quilt and they also have a bonus code till 21 July of hoeyfan20

Any extra blocks will be used in a quilt for Chelsea's local oncology patients.
Thanks for the help!



  1. That's a lovely thought and a lovely block. I'm thinking there are going to be quite a few quilts come out of this project!

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