Sunday, July 20, 2014

Not for Lack of Sewing......

I've been sewing up a storm again, and I'm behind on show and tell!

Here's a little taste of what's been going on....

My block for Jan in the Stash Fabulous Bee 

This is the block I made for Jan for her month in the Stash Fabulous Bee. It's an Improv Plus Block. It's my first block to ever draft first and then sew... tricky but so rewarding!

Jan's Block Plan 1

And below are the blocks I made for Lysa for the same bee, different month:

Feathers for Lysa!!

From  chaos  comes Feathers!  

I think it's fabulous to be exposed to new patterns and approaches to quilting when you're in a good bee.  Different color palettes and different ways of describing the blocks are just so inspiring!
I like all the blocks we've had so far so much that I am thinking about making a separate sampler with all of them.

I've also been sewing up some minis for another swap, the Birthday Bandy Swap:

Mailing Station - adapted (made smaller) from a pattern by Ayumi Mills
Mailing Station for Joey, based on a pattern by Ayumi Mills

Sin título
Birthday Banner for Amanda, based on another of Ayumi's patterns

Sneak Peak for Kelli, from a pattern that's getting popular these days...;)
And that's all to show for today! I hope you are all having a fab weekend! Thanks to everyone who sent me some degrees! It's been up to 80 F lately, and that's not too shabby here :) 



  1. You have been trying alot of new blocks, that's for sure! I love the birthday banner, and the mailing station too. It is good to see you so productive!

  2. Great work, we have been in the 70ths

  3. You belong to a great bee with fun blocks, yours are wonderful. It's a great idea to make a sampler of all the different blocks you make. Your paper pieced mail holder and banner are both so fun!! I like the Apple ice cream, yum!

  4. You have so many beautiful things here! Loving those feather blocks, in particular, and the mailing station!

  5. ghaaa the feather blocks!!!! glad to find your blog! american sewing in finland! hi!
    happy to be following your sewing adventures!


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