Friday, November 14, 2014

Looking Back At Summer

The above are pics of the mini quilt I sent to Nina of Tubbycrafts, in Germany, way back in July.  I took one block from Jen Kingwell's Green Tea and Sweet Beans pattern and I added a churn dash around the outside.   Lovely to see a bit of summer right now, when it is getting so dark outside!  I also sent her a little sewing kit, of a pincushion, scissor fob and needlebook, using the same fabrics.  These were part of the second Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap.

Can't get enough of these! Thanks Susan @canadianabroad for such a gorgeous pattern in  @lovequiltingmag This is my second set!

And then, I received a lovely package from Nina in England.  She sent me these sweet hedgie and mail minis, and a really cool Totoro window decal!  I love Totoro....

I love how she made an extra envelope for the quilt label!

Back of the mini quilt sent from Nina!

And another little surprise were these old fashioned sewing labels, that say Merry Christmas (God Jul) in Swedish.  You see, Nina is a Swede living in England, that was a really cool surprise.  I just love it when secret swaps turn out that way!  Christmas is coming soon enough but I don't know if I dare use them yet!
Wow! Priceless Swedish Christmas tape!  Thank you @bossyoz. (Merry Christmas, it says in Swedish)


  1. That looks like a fun swap! Love those small items and the 'God Jul' sewing labels are really cute! I know them from Norway too. :)

  2. Both swap parcels were full awesome crafty goodness!!


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