Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Moving, and Some Pictures

Hi Gals, have you seen the Palette Builder over at Play Crafts blog?  I've been trying it out a few times, and it is really fun!  You take a picture of yours, and upload it into the program, and then a palette is generated for you, complete with optional Kona Colors and Auriful Colors.  We are going to be moving soon and I've been looking at winter pictures from living in the country here.

Take a look:

This is the original picture  mosaic.....

Inspiration for Geese in the Forest 

...and here it is using the Palette Builder 2.1 with added color matches.  Fun, eh?

I don't really know where to start to try to catch up with all I've been up to here.  I've been under the weather for awhile, and then I wasn't.  It is always a hump from the end of summer to fall, and then fall flies away on me!

I sewed plenty of swap blocks

Kaleidoscope Blocks for Cara, Stash Fabulous Bee
Spider web Stars for Linda!  #stashfabulousbee
Spider Web Stars Blocks for Linda, Stash Fabulous Bee

Tallahassee in Hara (3)
Tallahassee Blocks for Allison, Stash Fabulous Bee

I've been trying out Liberty Lawns and Blueberry at Home's hand screened cottons...

Fun Sized, Pillow Cover
Elizabeth Hartman's Hazel Hedgehog and Fancy Fox for Cinda, Birthday Bandy Swap

 And flannel...

Sneak peek for Farah, Birthday Bandy Swap   

 and Turning Leaves... 

Turning Leaves pillow for Mariana!  @cosertejercrear ♥♥♥♥
Turning Leaves Pillow Cover for Mariana, Birthday Bandy Swap     
Summer Quilt from Brioni's book!
Quilt made with precuts, using Brioni Greenberg's book
I even started and finished a quilt for us this summer.  I had fun adding a secret  message to the quilting.  Nobody has found it yet, but I think they know!

We'll be moving from the countryside to town in the next few weeks. I am stocking up on forest and mountain views, birdsong, and thinking back to the snowy times we've spent here. I'm also really looking forward to living in town, being able to buy vegetables every day, and take walks and bike rides along the Great Lake (Storsjön) on the special trails they have winding all the way through. It's just 35 Km (22 miles) away, but it will still be a change. Now that the decision has landed, I'll try to keep you posted!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Thanks for pointing out the palette builder, I like the way it lists the actual kona colours. It's great to see what you've been up to. So many awesome bee blocks!! For some reason the photo of Your Summer quilt isn't showing? Good luck with your move, bike rides along the great lake sound lovely!

  2. What lovely projects have you been working on! The 'secret' message in the quilting is such a wonderful idea, I may have to remember it when I get a bit more confident in my machine quilting. Good luck with the move to the town, it is always hard to choose between the freedom of the countryside, and the convenience of a town...

  3. Wow! Look at all that snow. Beautiful photos and my, you have been busy!

  4. You've been doing so much, Lizzie! I love all your blocks and projects. I hope your move goes well!!

  5. I love this post...all the snowy pictures and all the work you have done...very nice!!

  6. Love the photos! And, the quilt with all that quilting -- good for you!

  7. Now I've found my way back here since I got the page name from you a couple days ago.

    I wish I was this creative. Love the hedgehog and fox!

    And the winter pictures. I love winter in Jämtland, except for when it gets -30 degrees Celsius. But when the frost sticks to the treebranches and just makes everything white it's marvelous Lived here all my life but still gets awestruck by the beauty every winter.

    //Linda (from Lernia)


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