Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Green January

If you ever happen to follow my photos, they often lead back to Flickr.  I've been taking different color pictures every month, just since November. January was dark green.   I found pine trees, barn doors, a snowy bus stop, fabric, paper, food....
  Here's how it all came out:

January Mosaic 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Some Finishes!

I did it all out of order, in a way.....but I finally got this improv mini done, that I started in London for the Fat Quarterly Retreat, in a class with Lucie Summers. What a fabulous teacher, and incredible book!!  I never thought all these 2065 stitches would leave teh quilt sqaure, or with such a wonderful texture.  But I am hooked!  Now why did I leave it again?  Oh yeah, I dreaded the hand quilting. It is slow going to start, but I think it gets better with practice.  I sure got a little with this one!

Improv quilt, better lighting

This was my project for January for a Lovely year of Finishes.  Just missed the wire, but done is Done!

And below are solids angel blocks I made to send away.  Also, such fun to use someone else's palette!  These are strictly pieced, and I found the solids to be quite soothing to work with. 

So two completely different styles to round out the week!

Alas, I am a real Lazy Bum an dI never got to the rest of the aqua and red and cream mystery BOM's, but they just have to roll over into February, which is already here!

Blocks are ready to mail!

Blocks are ready to mail! 

Last one of my first ever solids blocks. I'm hooked!
To paraphrase Bob Ross, I pressed the devil out of it! These little bitty squares are kicking my llama!