Monday, July 21, 2014

Moral Support for Aneela


I don't know how to cure cancer, but I sure would if I did!  Just over a month ago,  Aneela Hoey announced on Instagram that she is going to have surgery for breast cancer.  Chelsea over at Pins and Bobbins has started an initiative to sew up a quilt for Aneela, using only the fabrics she has designed, and white.  The blocks are super quick to sew up!  Good thing, because I didn't read about it till a few days ago.  Chelsea's collecting 100 standard or 400 mini blocks for the quilt.
Here are the links needed if you want to send some support her way:

To read more about the quilt Chelsea is making, go on over to Pins and Bobbins  and there you will see her tutorial on how to make the X and O half sized blocks.

You can also use the original Canoe Ridge Creations tutorial to make a full sized block-- which just happens to be easy to do with a layer cake and mini charms.


The Fabric Stash has donated beautiful Aneela Hoey fabric for the backing of the quilt and they also have a bonus code till 21 July of hoeyfan20

Any extra blocks will be used in a quilt for Chelsea's local oncology patients.
Thanks for the help!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Not for Lack of Sewing......

I've been sewing up a storm again, and I'm behind on show and tell!

Here's a little taste of what's been going on....

My block for Jan in the Stash Fabulous Bee 

This is the block I made for Jan for her month in the Stash Fabulous Bee. It's an Improv Plus Block. It's my first block to ever draft first and then sew... tricky but so rewarding!

Jan's Block Plan 1

And below are the blocks I made for Lysa for the same bee, different month:

Feathers for Lysa!!

From  chaos  comes Feathers!  

I think it's fabulous to be exposed to new patterns and approaches to quilting when you're in a good bee.  Different color palettes and different ways of describing the blocks are just so inspiring!
I like all the blocks we've had so far so much that I am thinking about making a separate sampler with all of them.

I've also been sewing up some minis for another swap, the Birthday Bandy Swap:

Mailing Station - adapted (made smaller) from a pattern by Ayumi Mills
Mailing Station for Joey, based on a pattern by Ayumi Mills

Sin título
Birthday Banner for Amanda, based on another of Ayumi's patterns

Sneak Peak for Kelli, from a pattern that's getting popular these days...;)
And that's all to show for today! I hope you are all having a fab weekend! Thanks to everyone who sent me some degrees! It's been up to 80 F lately, and that's not too shabby here :) 


Thursday, July 3, 2014

I had to chuckle...

... when I opened up my luggage back in February, after going home for my grandmother's funeral.  
Among the pictures and sewing notions and her measuring tape that I brought back, were a few kitchen towels she had used for many years.  I brought back a pair I had sent her, bought at IKEA.  

Those are on the top of this pile.  Hers is the one with the pretty red rick-rack sewn on.  She really like to embellish fabric in a simple way.  I'd say she had Zakka style.  

I also brought back a new kitchen towel, from my sister in Brooklyn.

The first thing I did, before I even unpacked my bags, was to look for something to use for sewing on a loop.  I found some twill tape right away.

All better!  Then, I went to hang up the towels I had brought back from my grandmother's kitchen and look what I found:

Grandmother had Taken Away the hanging loops!  Possibly the first thing she did after thanking me.....

I just had to chuckle!

I have been slowly mixing in some of her sewing things with mine.

Her pincushion, which still has some threaded needles of hers, mixed with my flower head pins:  

And her trims themselves....

I sewed a batch of large rick rack onto a tablecloth last night to make a simple curtain for our dining area.  I like to think she'd be happy I'm using what I brought back, rather than letting it sit.  She really knew how to make simple fixes with embellishments too.

I have most of the towels packed away though.  They still smell like her kitchen always did, and that's a comfort to me.

Hugs from Sweden!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer in Sweden

THIS is what we've been waiting for!  After a month of near freezing temperatures, it's finally summer here in Jämtland county Sweden.  We've been out working on the lawn, drinking coffee on the stoop, and staying up far too late with the long sunlight.  I've been sewing plenty too, but that's to show another day......

I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer/edge of winter!